What are your non-portfolio assets worth? Are they adequately insured? If you do not know the answers to these two questions, then you might consider having your non-portfolio assets identified and valuated. These assets could include your jewelry, antiques, silver, china, crystal, works of art, book collection, wine collection, collectibles, real estate, vehicles, computers and other electronics, furniture, general household goods, and other personal property.


We confer with you and your insurance agent to identify non-portfolio assets. Information that can assist in valuating assets is exchanged by overnight delivery or by messenger for those located in New York. Therefore, locale is not an important factor. The average turnaround period is four business days to enter non-portfolio assets into Quicken's Home Inventory® file and to return the information. Next, assets that have not been valuated or whose valuations are outdated will need to be appraised. If you wish, we will make the necessary arrangements. Once your assets have been appraised, you will receive a Non-Portfolio Asset Report listing each asset along with its value and description. The replacement cost of your non-portfolio assets can be updated periodically. And assets can be added to or removed from the Home Inventory file at your request. Since personal belongings are a private matter, discretion and data security are of the utmost importance to us.

Charges are based on the time spent valuating your non-portfolio assets. The fee for our services is $120 an hour, billed in quarter hour segments. Appraisals that we arrange are billed separately. To sign up for this service or for more information, please contact us. Or click here to be contacted.

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