By using our tax data compilation service, you will no longer need to spend time and effort in the preparation of your estimated and year-end federal, state, and local income taxes.

We review your Quicken file to determine if all tax data, including tax-related cash expenditures, has been entered since the beginning of the year and that each transaction is linked with the appropriate tax schedule line. If we are entering your financial information (Please see the ENTERING FINANCIAL DATA page.) then most, if not all, of the tax data may already be entered. In any event, we will enter missing tax transactions, change incorrect tax transactions, and delete duplicate tax transactions. Your compiled tax data, which may include cost basis information, will be ready after the first of the year to be transferred to income tax returns. This data can be forwarded to your CPA or your Quicken file can be imported into TurboTax® if this software program is used to prepare your tax returns.


We confer with you and your CPA before compiling the tax data. In most situations, tax information is sent to us on a monthly basis for those who pay estimated taxes and quarterly for all others if we are entering only your tax data. Otherwise, tax data is being entered monthly along with your other financial information. Quicken files and the tax data are exchanged by overnight delivery or by messenger for those located in New York. Therefore, locale is not an important factor. Your file and data are returned within two business days along with a Tax Summary Report, a Tax Schedule Report, an Investment Income Report, and a Capital Gains Report. Since personal finances are a private matter, discretion and data security are of the utmost importance to us.

Charges are based on the time spent compiling the tax data. The fee is $60 an hour, billed in quarter hour segments. To sign up for this service or for more information, please contact us. Or click here to be contacted.

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