We can solve your non-technical problems. Some of the more frequently asked questions are listed below.

  1. Why does my bank's checking account statement differ from Quicken's balance?
  2. How much trust should I place in the ending balance of my Quicken accounts?
  3. What needs to be done so that I can be assured that my account balances are accurate?
  4. Which accounts do I need to create?
  5. When is it better to use splits rather than accounts?
  6. Should I be using classes?
  7. How do I organize my Quicken file to obtain more helpful financial, tax, and investment information?
  8. How do I clean up my accounts to obtain accurate financial, tax, and investment information?
  9. Do I need to use spreadsheets in conjunction with Quicken to obtain a complete financial picture?
10. How do I use reports to solve problems, such as reconciling an account?

If you have a technical question, we recommend you contact Intuit® directly. Or, if you have a basic "how do I" type question, it may be financially prudent to seek Intuit's help. Our fee for solving non-technical problems is $120 an hour, billed in quarter hour segments. Charges are based on the time that we spend with you on the telephone. Less time (and therefore lower fees) will be incurred by you if questions are e-mailed or faxed to us beforehand. Please mention which version of Quicken you use. You will be contacted within one business day. We will work with you until your problem has been resolved. To sign up for this service or for more information, please contact us or click here to be contacted.

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