Quicken-generated reports are a powerful information and planning tool. In order to ensure that the data in the investment accounts is accurate, we first reconcile them. If necessary, we enter missing transactions, change incorrect transactions, and delete duplicate transactions. (Please see the RECONCILING ACCOUNTS page.) Once this process is completed, investment reports, graphs, and spreadsheets can be customized to produce information that is important to you.

The monthly Financial Packet will include a Net Worth Report, Portfolio Value Report, Investment Performance Report, Capital Gains Report, Investment Income Report, Investment Transactions Report, and Account Balances Report. Comparison reports and graphs tracking your investment returns will also be included. They will encompass the period since the last Financial Packet was sent, for the year-to-date, for the past year, and, at your request, for any period of time since transactions were first entered.

The Rate of Return On Investments Spreadsheet lists investments together or in individual spreadsheets. The return rates are expressed both by the annual return and by the total return since the investments were acquired. These rates are stated in absolute amounts and in percentage terms. The spreadsheet also compares the current rate of return with leading market indexes, with the previous spreadsheet's return, from the beginning of the year to the present, during the past year, and, at your request, with earlier periods of time. These spreadsheets are included in your monthly Financial Packet.


Before tracking the return on your investments, we confer with you and your financial advisor to determine the information that is needed to make sound investment decisions. Investment data is entered on a monthly basis. We can also enter data to bring your file up to date from when you first started using Quicken, from the beginning of the year, or for any other period of time. Quicken files and the investment data are exchanged by overnight delivery or by messenger for those located in New York. Therefore, locale is not an important factor. The turnaround period is two business days for clients who have us enter their investment data monthly. For those who have us enter past data, the turnaround period depends upon the number of transactions that need to be entered. Since personal finances are a private matter, discretion and data security are of the utmost importance to us.

Charges are based on the time spent tracking the investment data. The fee is $60 an hour, billed in quarter hour segments. To sign up for this service or for more information, please contact us. Or click here to be contacted.

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