Are you interested in creating a budget? If so, we will work with you in planning a budget and monitoring its implementation.


During the development of a budget, we confer with you to ascertain your financial goals and we review your Quicken file to determine your spending pattern. Besides planning a budget in which variable expenses are reduced, we examine other expenses that may be decreased, such as securing lower interest rates on your credit cards. We also may recommend reorganizing your Quicken file in order to obtain more helpful budgetary information. (Please see the CUSTOMIZING QUICKEN FILES page.) Once your budget is in place, we will provide monthly, quarterly, and annual budgetary analyses that will compare actual spending with your budget both in absolute amounts and in percentage terms. Or, we will show you how to create Quicken reports and graphs that illustrate your spending pattern. Quicken files are exchanged by overnight delivery, by e-mail, or by messenger for those located in New York. Therefore, locale is not an important factor. Since personal finances are a private matter, discretion and data security are of the utmost importance to us.

Charges are based on the time spent planning and monitoring your budget. The fee is $120 an hour, billed in quarter hour segments. To sign up for this service or for more information, please contact us. Or click here to be contacted.

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